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Efficient Tool to Recover Files from Corrupted Drive

Flash drives are the portable device used by most of the people to save their personal data as well as other data. It is most easiest and efficient way of sharing any data by connecting them to USB port of any computer. Anyone can carry the data according to the capacity of Flash Drive such as 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, etc.

USB Flash Drives are the vulnerable data storage device that has lots of risk of losing any stored data. Data of Flash Drive don’t even prompt while deleting any file from it, which means that while deleting any file from Flash Drive it just get deleted from that drive as well as from computer system. Even sometimes while user try to access files from flash drive, user gets an error message like “Flash Drive Not Formatted”.  This may cause due to corruption of flash drive which can get fixed by the help of a very reliable and powerful recovery tool for flash drive.

Usually, Flash Drive did not need to get formatted before storing any files. So, if user is getting such error messages like “Flash Drive not Formatted” may cause due to various reasons which lead to data recovery by means of a drive recovery tool. Portable Drive Recovery software is the best tool which helps in fixing these types of problem. This software is also use to recover data from your flash drive or USB drive, and other types of storage devices.

Before knowing more about this software let us discuss some scenarios responsible for “Flash Drive not Formatted” error message are as follows:

Accidental formatting: Sometimes while users are in hurry, they by mistakenly format the flash drive rather formatting any other logical drive on computer system.

Corrupted Flash drive: Virus and other malware make flash drives as a soft target to attack. So, due to some Virus Attack to any Flash Drive results in corrupting data and bring them into inaccessible state. Moreover, while transferring any data from computer system to flash drive or Vice versa if user encounters any interrupts it can cause corruption of stored data.

Mishandling of flash drive: It refers to the incorrect plugged in or abrupt removal of flash drive from computer system, power surge and abrupt system shutdown during file transfer. This can ends up with file corruption or formatting of flash drive.

File System Corruption: Due to some virus attack or repeatedly converting the file system of flash drive can make the file system of flash drive corrupt. As a result, the files in the flash drive become inaccessible.

Formatting error messages: User can encounter formatting error messages like “Flash Drive not formatted”, “Format the Drive Now”, etc. whenever user connects their USB flash drive to computer for file transfer or to access the stored file. These error messages will make the flash drive inaccessible and prevents to use it on the computer system. “Flash Drive not Formatted” error message displays on screen due to logical drive error. These types of error make the data inaccessible on the flash drive.

Features of Portable Drive Recovery Software:

  • This software is capable to recover lost data from flash drives, external hard drives, iPods, etc. just after getting the error message of Flash Drive not Formatted using its smart feature called file signature search.
  • Due to its powerful and smart scanning algorithms for identifying and restoring several file types like videos, images, music, word documents, excel spreadsheets, emails and much more.
  • This software supports data recovery from flash drive of leading brands like Kingston, Moser Baer, Sony, HP, SanDisk, Transcend etc.
  • This software is also compatible with Mac OS and can also use to retrieve data from external drives on Mac machines with any of its versions.