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How to Recover Data from SanDisk Micro SD Card?

Hi everyone. I have extended my phone’s memory by a SanDisk Micro SD card. I have the backup of my important contacts, images, official documents which is very important to me. I gave my SanDisk Micro SD card to one of my friends. When he returned the SD card to me, I tried to access the images. I was unable to do so. Please help. Is there a chance that I can recover all my documents intact?
A couple of weeks back I was also into the same problem. After downloading and trying-out multiple software but was unable to recover the corrupt files in the SanDisk Micro SD card. Finally, I downloaded Recover(Windows) using which I successfully recovered all my files with ease with just a few clicks.

Scenarios leading to data loss in SanDisk Micro SD card:
SanDisk Micro SD card are flash drives which are easy to use but are prone to Virus and Malwares. Using any malicious site may inflict your memory card with virus thus corrupting all the contents.
Sometimes when the user disconnects the memory device or the connecting device while a transfer is going on, then the files become corrupted as the transfer was not complete .This does not allow the user to access the file.
Unintentional formatting of the Micro SD card may also cause the data to be corrupted as due to formatting all the contents are deleted. Corrupted memory SanDisk Micro SD also occurs due to improper handling. Ejecting the device without following the system procedure may also result in corrupt Micro SD.
It also occurs sometimes when due to some reasons the Sandisk Micro SD card file system may get corrupted which results in corrupted Sandisk Micro SD card.

Features :
This software is very useful in terms of recovering corrupted files from the SanDisk Micro SD card very easily. This software is compatible with the various versions of windows .Is is compatible to various Operating Systems like Mac and Windows .
1. This software is capable of recovering files from all types of hard drives(SATA , SCSI,IDE) and also capable of recovering files from memory cards including XD, SD, Memory Stick etc including the various manufacturers( Sandisk, Transcend etc) .
2. This program has the power to recover and retrieve all types of videos, images, MS Office documents, music etc from corrupted SanDisk micro SD card. This recovery software recovers these files on their unique signature.
3. It can recover corrupted files from a variety of system formats including ExFAT, FAT32, FAT16, NTFS and NTFS5.
4. The most striking feature being, when system contains bad sectors which cannot be accessed, then this software creates a healthy image copy of the corrupted bad sector .The software can be recovered from the healthy image file thus keeping the original corrupted file intact.
5. Data can also be recovered from the partitions including RAID0, RAID5 and RAID1.

Recovering data from SanDisk Micro SD card
Firstly download, install and run the software. There comes screen displaying three Recovery options depending on the priority and type of the file to be recovered. The three options being “ Recover Drive”, “Recover photos” and “Recover files”. Choose the recovery process depending upon the type of file to be recovered. Selecting the process, choose the drive from which the corrupted SanDisk Micro SD files are to be recovered.
The recovered files are presented in the form of a list and can be later viewed using the “Preview”. The “Save Recovery Session” allows the user to pause the process for that time and can continue as per the user. The recovery process of the corrupted SanDisk Micro SD card can be resumed anytime using the “Open Recovery Session”.
The free version of the software is at your disposal but has many limitations .But upgrading to the “Media version” or “Pro Version” allows us with limitless functionalities including data recovery from corrupted/formatted/damaged SanDisk Micro SD card.