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How To Recover Data From WD My Book Live Duo?

“Friends, I am using WD my book live duo to store my personal information. But suddenly yesterday, I lost some data from this external storage drive while performing several tasks on my PC. I think the drive would have corrupted due to improper usage and due to this data would have been lost from it. Am very much stressed by thinking about this issue. Can anyone suggest me how to recover data from WD My Book Live Duo without losing any data? Thanking you.”

Western Digital Corporation is one of the famous hard drive producers in the world. It is an US based company which was founded in 1970, initially they focused on making chips for calculators and later they became the largest independent calculator chip manufacturer in the world. Western Digital become more dynamic from 1980’s on digital storage sector, by releasing various hard drive controller boards for the growing of computer industry by providing high performance hard drive called Western Digital drive.

These inventions are widely praised for their high speed and capacity, stability, consistency and good compatibility. Also this device is non-volatile storage gadget, which helps to stores digital information on magnetic surface with the help of rapidly rotating platters. Knowledge about data recovery is quite necessary because you can never predict any data loss situations by using this Western Digital Storage Device.

wd hard-drive-data-recovery

Western digital hard drive is the most secure and safe storage media when it comes to store and transfer data between various devices. Sometimes data from Western Digital hard drive may get deleted or lost due to errors during format, Transfer Errors, Accidental deletion of files, Virus attack etc. To beat such an issue you need to restore your data from backup files.

Also many users loss their valuable data from WD My Book Live drive in various circumstances, because data loss from Western Digital drive may happen due to various reasons as mentioned above. But as you know, there are no manual approaches to recover lost data from this Western Digital Drive. So don’t worry! There is a software to know how to recover data from WD my book live duo.

Some of the scenarios for losing data from WD My Book Live hard drive are mentioned below:

  • Improper handling the drive like abruptly removing WD My Book Live external drive from system without safe removal will make the drive inaccessible
  • Virus infection is a prime factor to corrupt WD My Book Live hard drive, due to which data will be unreachable
  • Partition corruption, MBR corruption due to incorrect registry, inappropriate partitioning/repartitioning the drive will cause severe damage to the drive thus data will be inaccessible
  • Error during Transfer: Errors could happen during cut and paste disarrays which may cause your file to be lost
  • Other software conflicts like file system corruption, OS reinstallation, bad media spots also induce data loss from WD My Book Live hard drive
  • Accidentally formatting / reformatting Western Digital My Book Live HD

If you come across any of the above mentioned scenarios then WD My Book Live Duo data recovery software will assist you to solve your problems with this storage device.