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How to Upgrade to OS X EI Capitan?

OS-X-El-Capitan-640x359Apple Inc. introduced OS X EI Capitan on September 30, 2015. It is the twelfth edition of OS X for Macintosh computers. This operating system consists of various features and has smart user interface. Spotlight, split view screen, mission control, accelerated performance, reliability in Wi-Fi, improved iCloud photo sharing and faster graphics are some of the key features of OS X EI Capitan. In order to get such features and performance enhancements, you need to upgrade the operating system.

Supported Devices: OS X EI Capitan can be easily installed on systems that already have Yosemite operating system. Some of the devices that support OS X EI Capitan are MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac mini, Mac Pro and Xserve.

Simple and efficient steps to upgrade to OS X EI Capitan are mentioned below:

First of all download OS X EI Capitan from Mac application store. Prepare backup of all important files in order to avoid data loss on any external hard drive or storage device. You can use third part tool or time machine application to prepare back up of files. Then make a bootable pen drive or CD drive that has minimum space of 8 GB.

Steps to Install OS X EI on your Mac system

  1. Check bootable drive whether it is connected safely on your Mac computer. If yes, then restart the system and enter Alt key during the process of boot sequence.
  2. Select the connected drive on the selection screen and click Enter button.
  3. Once you press enter key, the setup of new operating system installer appears on the main screen. Then select Disk Utility and press continue.
  4. You can have an option on the left hand side pane to select the Macintosh hard drive. Select the Macintosh hard drive and press erase button on the top-right side of the main screen. When you click on erase button all files and folders on your start up hard drive wiped out from the system.
  5. Once you finish erasing process, return to the main screen that shows the option called Disk Utility. Press Install OS X EI Capitan and then click on Continue tab.
  6. Next is to follow the instructions carefully as given by the OS installer.

Follow the above mentioned steps carefully to enjoy the benefits of upgraded OS X EI Capitan operating system on your Mac system.