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Know How to Partition Hard Drive using Command Prompt

Hard drive is used to store data for a long time period. As well as you can store huge amount of data in it. To arrange all files in a manner, you can do several partitions of your system hard drive. In a basic MBR disk, you can create maximum 3-4 primary partition, 1 extended partition with up to 128 logical partitions on a single hard disk drive.

Partition of hard drive happens in two ways:

  1. Using the Windows interface.
  2. Using a command prompt.

To do partition of HDD using Windows interface:

  1. Console Tree > Computer Management (Local) > Storage > Disk Management.
  2. Right click on basic disk > New Partition > New Logical Drive.
  3. Now click Next > Primary Partition, Extended Partition or Logical Partition and follow the system screen instructions.

HDD partitions by the help of Command prompt are following:

  1. Open Command prompt (click start > point to all programs > point to Accessories > click on Command prompt) and type DISKPART.


2. In DISKPART prompt, type list disk (how many partitions you want) then type select diskn (means where you want to create the primary or extended partition).


3. At DISKPART prompt, type any one which is in inverted comma:

“create partition primary [size=n] [offset=n] [ID=byte | GUID] [noerr]
“create partition extended [size=n] [offset=n] [noerr]”
“create partition logical [size=n] [offset=n] [noerr]”


  1. Now type assign letter=D at the DISKPART prompt.

Note: To use diskpart command (in Windows) to extend hard disk partitions, it is compulsory to be unallocated space behind the partition where you want to extend.

Some other points which are important while you are performing hard drive partitions by the use of Command prompt:

  • You can’t create partitions on removable media using DISKPART.
  • On GPT (GUID partition table), you can create up to 128 primary partition (no extended or logical partitions are possible).
  • On MBR (master boot record), you can create 4 primary partition, 1 extended partition and unlimited logical partition.
  • To perform partitioning task of hard drive through Command prompt, it is compulsory for any user to be a member of administrators group, backup operators group or you have the sufficient authority to perform partitioning task of HDD.
  • See this page for more details about HDD partitions by the use of Command prompt.