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Recycle Bin Windows 10 won’t Empty

Are you in the similar situation where you are trying to empty the Recycle Bin but it appears to be unsuccessful? Instead it pops up with the message stating that “Discovered 0 items (0 bytes)”or Time remaining: Calculating message, nothing else useful. Due ti this, you are neither able to discover anything not progress. Besides canceling the dialog box takes you to the “original discovering 0 bytes”. It is quite annoying and you might be wondering what this is all about??

We advise you to go through this article which provides you simple ways for emptying Recycle Bin in Windows 10 if you are facing the above situation or similar kind of it.

Method 1: Just open your Recycle Bin, click Manage on the menu bar and hit on Empty Recycle Bin

Method 2: You can Clean Recycle Bin in its Context Menu. Just tap right on Recycle Bin option and select Empty Recycle Bin in the menu

Method 3: Try emptying it from Settings

  • Just Access Settings
  • Select System option so as to continue
  • Now you should open Storage and select This PC
  • Hit on Temporary files and Recycle Bin
  • Choose Empty Recycle Bin and tap on Delete option

By following the above mentioned solutions you can recover files emptied from Recycle Bin on Windows 10, but it has been observed that users are facing this issue on other versions of operating system as well.

You can try fixing it by yourself:

  1. Open command prompt from the search menu located in the Windows Start button
  2. If you are using Windows XP then type rd /s C:\recycler and press Enter
  3. If you are using Windows Vista then type rd / s /q C:\$Recyle.bin

Remember that you have to substitute C: with your desired hard drive letters

  1. Close the command prompt and right click wherever there is an empty area on desktop and hit Refresh