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Tool to Fix MOV Video Files

Last night I was watching a movie with my friends in my System. After few minutes, my system get shutdown automatically due to power failure. After sometime power came back and again I turned on my system to continue watching a movie. I was shocked at that moment because Quick Time Player wasn’t able to play this MOV video file as it shows an error message. It is one of my favorite movies and I even don’t have a backup of that movie. Is it is possible to fix MOV video file? If so, can anyone suggest me a best solution to fix MOV video file?”Thank You……!

Have you ever faced such situations then don’t get panicked you can easily fix this type of issues with the help of repairing software. You can make use of Fix MOV software for fixing MOV files. This tool comes with advanced algorithm that helps in fixing corrupted or damaged MOV video file within few clicks of mouse.

Reasons due to which MOV video file get corrupt:

Header Corruption: MOV header file holds all information that makes MOV file playable. Due to some reasons if your header files get corrupted then it makes your MOV file inaccessible and become unplayable.

Virus Attack: If your system is infected by virus then it may corrupt files including your MOV which entered through internet or during transferring files from infected storage device then it makes your MOV files unplayable.

Changing File Extension: Sometime users change the file extension of MOV video file to play unplayable MOV video file. As a result, it leads to damage of MOV file.

Abrupt File Transfer Termination: When you are playing any MOV file and if any interruptions happen due to unexpected power failure or abrupt system shutdown then it may corrupt your MOV file.

Other Reasons: Application failure, bad sector, incorrect codec, improper recovery, CRC error, etc are some the reasons that are responsible for corruption of MOV video files.

Features of Fix MOV software:

  • Fix MOV software allows you to fix corrupt or damaged MOV file on any storage device such as hard drive, memory stick, external hard drive, SD cards, etc.
  • This tool can separately repair video as well as audio data stream and later merge them to create healthy playable MOV video file.
  • This software is capable of fixing MOV files on all latest versions of Windows and Mac.
  • Preview option is available for the users to preview the repaired results before saving it to the desired place.
  • This software fixes corrupted MP4, MOV, AVI file that are not playable on Quick time player, Windows media player, VLC media player, etc.
  • The software is capable of repairing large sized MOV/ MP4 video files.
  • Demo version is the unique features of this software as it allows the users to evaluate the potential of the software. If they are satisfied with the repaired MOV video files then they can activate the software.