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Ultimate Tool to Recover Deleted Partitions on Windows & Mac

“Recently, I have deleted an important hard drive partition by mistake while trying to create a new partition on my Windows PC by using Windows disk management utility. The deleted partition was containing lot of important files of almost all types like photos, documents, audios, videos and many more. I regret for not having the habit of taking updated backup of files from my hard drive partition. But there is no time to loose, I need to figure out the best practice to perform deleted partition recovery. Please suggest me with a reliable deleted partitions recovery software. Any help regarding this is highly appreciated.”

You might have encountered with situations like these, while managing partitions on your Windows or Mac PC. Losing partition that contains lot of essential files and folders is heartening for any user. User have to keep in mind, it is not that difficult to recover deleted partition, but you just need to act fast. If you have access to right tools then you will be able to perform deleted partition recovery with ease. To know about the right tool which will help you in recovering deleted partition, just keep on reading this page. Before knowing about the best practice to recover files from deleted partition, find out some common situations leading to deletion of partition.

What can cause deletion of partition?

  • Re-installation of operating system: Instances like system crash or OS boot failure due to unpredicted logical errors is something which a user need to be aware of. Such situation often arises with users who are in-experienced in reinstalling operating system. And such users might accidentally delete partition while performing re-installation process on their Windows or Mac PC and thereby will have to face serious data loss situations.
  • Incompatible third party tools: A times usage of incompatible or unauthorized third party tools for creating new partition or to repartition might cause heavy data loss situations; and in such cases user may not even receive confirmation message.
  • Severe virus attack: Harmful viruses that enters into the hard drive will affect the file system inside the hard drive partition; this can make the hard drive partition corrupt and thereby makes the hard drive partition inaccessible. In such cases, the user will be prompted with format error message to get rid of this the only option left is to format the hard drive partition.

If your hard drive partition is deleted due to any of these reasons, we can help you to overcome such situations. Firstly, deletion of partition doesn’t mean that entire files in the hard drive is deleted forever. Deletion of partition on your hard drive deletes the address location of the partition not the data stored inside it. And you may not able to view or access the drive as it is not visible. Data will be removed only if you overwrite those files with new files. So, in case if your partition is deleted just ensure that no new files are written to it. Now the next step is recovering files deleted partition, for that you can avail the services of Deleted Partition Recovery software.

Deleted Partition Recovery is a professional application that allows you to recover files from deleted partition on different versions of Windows as well as Mac OS’s. Using this tool you can easily recover deleted partition from SSD, SATA, SCSI, SAS and other hard drives. This application is compatible to perform deleted partition recovery that is formatted with NTFS, ExFAT, HFS, HFS+, FAT16, FAT32 file system. Besides recovering deleted partition this tool can also be used to recover files from corrupted, unreadable or inaccessible hard drive.

Features of Deleted Partition Recovery

  • The graphical user interface of this tool is made very simple, even a user who is not that sound with the technology can easily use this tool for recovering deleted hard drive partition
  • This recovery software scans the hard drive eminently to recover deleted files and folders from the hard drive partition, after finishing the scanning process a list of files is generated automatically, you can sort these files according date as per date modified, file name, size, etc.
  • Another advanced feature of this tool is “Save recovery session” feature which allows the user to resume scanning whenever it is required.
  • Trial version of this application helps the user to preview the recovered files from deleted partition.